Family Day Trip on Kemptville Creek - July 25, 2021

Family Day Trip on Kemptville Creek

July 25, 2021

20210725 114848We thought on Friday we had to cancel this trip due to the risk of thunderstorms, rain and high winds, but luckily the weather changed and we decided to go ahead! After loading up gear at the boat house, we drove south to the Reeve Craig Public Boat Launch, which is on the Rideau River near Rideau River Provincial Park. We had four families in six canoes join us for the day's adventure.

Once on the water we paddled south to Kemptville Creek, but before we could continue, our trip leader had to paddle back to the boat launch and pick up everything they left behind! We then proceeded south along Kemptville Creek, with lots of opportunity to see some wildlife. The creek is narrow at some spots, but thankfully the boats passing slowed down and were respectful.



After about a one hour paddle we arrived at our lunch spot, Anniversary Park near Kemptville. It has a nice little dock, a covered picnic area and a bunch of shaded areas perfect for a picnic lunch. Unfortunately the water was very weedy and slimy, so it wasn’t good for swimming or fishing.

After lunch, some of us went for a walk along the Kinderwood Trail and the mosquitoes were bad! The walk along Turtle Trail was better and we saw some very large trees, probably hundreds of years old. We continued along Turtle Trail and took Patchell's Path to Adam Shewchuk Sugar Maple Grove, which was beautiful. It was great to see kids being kids, as they ran through the field and up one of the small hills, having a great time. We stopped at a beautiful gazebo, and one of the kids got stung by a Yellowjacket wasp which was very painful. We went back to the park and after putting an ice pack on the bite was feeling a bit better.

We all got back on the water and headed back. Once on the Rideau River we took a vote whether to go to the Rideau River Provincial Park beach for some swimming. To the disappointment of some of the kids who weren’t paddling, we decided to head back to the boat launch. Once back at the boat launch a few of the kids got to wade in the water, others played at the park nearby, while the hard working parents packed everything up and loaded canoes.

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