Family Day Trip on Rideau River - July 11, 2021

Family Day Trip on Rideau River - July 11, 2021

IMG 5353 Edit EditA perfect day for paddling!

After loading up on gear at the boathouse for our adventure, we made our way to the Kars Community Centre, a thirty minute drive south of Ottawa. A short paddle brought us to the Rideau River and we headed south. After a snack break in a marsh just outside of Kars, we continued paddling until we arrived at the W.A. Tayler Conservation Area, less than a one hour paddle from Kars.

The W.A. Tayler Conservation Area was a great spot to stop and have a picnic lunch. It has lots of picnic tables, trees for shade, outhouses and a small dock. After lunch some of us waded in the water, a few tried their luck at fishing, and the rest enjoyed the beautiful summer day.

With moderate boat traffic, all five families (ten adults and nine kids) in seven canoes did awesome!


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