Frontenac Provincial Park - June 22 to 23, 2019

Frontenac Provincial Park - June 22 to 23, 2019

Several families that planned to join us weren’t able to make it, so it was just our family for the weekend. Although it is fun to have others join us, it was a really nice family weekend trip.

On Saturday We had a nice picnic lunch at the park office, and a short hike along the Arab Lake Gorge Trail. With beautiful weather we launched onto Buck Lake and paddled 45 minutes to site 1. After setting up the site we relaxed, enjoyed a nice dinner and campfire with s’mores. Due to a miscommunication the boys didn’t bring anything to entertain themselves like books or games. At the campfire, the boys thanked me for teaching them how to be bored, and they were serious!

Sunday after breakfast we set out for a 9km hike on the Small Slide Lake Loop, which features some of the most rugged hiking in Frontenac. Just past the halfway point, we stopped at a nice spot on Slide Lake, where Cory, Riley and dog Dakota enjoyed some swimming. After 4.5 hours of tough hiking on a hot day, we were all happy to back for some lunch.

We packed up, paddled back with a short stop for some more swimming on Buck Lake.


I donT remember much about the trip except the looong hike (Which was burning hot)(but luckily we stopped to swim ⅔ of the way back) and that Riley and I took Dad’s camera and took some silly photos. - Dylan

The frontenac trip was pretty good, it was fun to go on the long hike with just us. I liked all the swimming we did on the hike the best though. Dacota was really crazy on the hike with all of us.It was nice that we were bringing Decota with us. The bugs were pretty bad but they were not horrible. Other than that, the trip was pretty good, I hope my family had fun too! - Riley

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