Rideau River PP Family Trip - June 7-9, 2019

Rideau River PP Family Trip - June 7-9, 2019

We originally had sites booked at Fitzroy Provincial Park but had to move to Rideau River Provincial Park due to flooding. We had five families camping for the weekend for a nice relaxing weekend, including baby Aislee, puppy Shadow and dog Brewster.

Four of the families arrived on Friday, and after setup, we took a nice walk (minus the bugs) down to the beach. The kids took water guns with them, and continued their battle in the water at the beach.

Saturday morning we relaxed, Malcolm, Skyla and Felix played some chess. In the afternoon the fifth family joined us and we did a short paddle to the beach for some fun. The kids built a cardboard box oven which was going to be used for the potluck. We all joined gathered at one campsite for a potluck dinner, with lots of yummy food! We finished off the day with s’mores around the campfire.

Sunday morning we all got on the water and paddled along Kemptville Creek. The weather was perfect and it was a nice paddle.


What I thought about the Rideau river trip. I thought that the trip was pretty fun with the water guns, the delicious food, and the mosquitos were awesome. It was really fun to play water guns with everyone and I really liked the pot luck on Saturday night, the food was tasty and Bruster really wanted our attention. I personally liked the trip and I hope that I can go on another trip with everyone. I hope to see everyone again. That is what I thought of the Rideau river trip. - Dylan

I think that the trip to Rideau river was pretty good… in a way.  The only bad thing was the mosquitoes. Other than that everything was good, the weather was good, the water was good, and especially the water guns were just fun!  But yeah other than the mosquitos everything was OK, even the bugs weren't THAT bad.  Honestly I’d like to go on another trip. I aIso liked the potluck on the saturday everything was good and everybody brang something. - Riley

Skyla loved the beach most last weekend.

Our family really enjoyed the week end, the organized paddle and the Pot Luck dinner. I think Oliver in particular had a blast playing squirt guns with the older kids :)

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