Petrie Island Turtle Talk

Petrie Island Turtle Talk & Paddle This Sunday: June 15th

The family program has arranged a trip to Petrie Island, a beach on the east side of the city, for this coming Sunday afternoon.  We will meet at the shed at 2 pm.  All ages are welcome.  The Friends of Petrie Island will give a short “Turtle Talk” at 4 pm and tour so we can learn about the painted turtles which can be readily seen there this time of year.  The cost for the Turtle Talk is $2 per person. It costs $2 to park for the day at Petrie Island.  If you need a club canoe rental, that cost is additional.  The beaches are not yet supervised by city staff but one lifeguard will be present.  Water quality tests are not being done yet so swimming is done at your own risk.  Bring your own picnic.  Bring extra clothes, sunscreen, hat & lots of water.
RSVP Family Coordinator:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.